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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cbp officer exam

Instructions and Help about Cbp officer exam

My name is Sakaya welcome back to my channel I'm gonna be recording the Customs and Border Protection Fitness 1 exam although I do not have to take it because I'm active duty it's a very highly requested video and they do have their requirements on the website it was the step the step inches and then also the inches for the block that is going to be putting in a chest for the push-ups so I decided to go ahead and demonstrate it so the requirements are 20 sit-ups in 1 minute 12 push-ups in 1 minute and then the 12 step tests 120 steps per per minute for a 5 minute straight so I'm gonna go ahead and demonstrate all that to you all of the things I'm going to be using I got the 12 inch step from Walmart under $10 the mat was from Ross under $10 the block is actually a yoga block measured for 4 inches of height cut in half and that was 297 at Walmart and then also that's gonna be about it all righty so I'm gonna go ahead and get back gone through you guys so the first thing that I'm going to demonstrate is actually going to be the push ups and then after that I'm going to do the sit ups and then these step tests so for the push-ups there's gonna be a block on there's gonna be a block and you only have the requirement to go down to the block which is actually I feel like put there to help people who struggle with push-ups because it's much different from the modern kitchen so this would be where the pockets on future down down down as you can see the these were actually less than $10 at Ross their Gold's Gym brand I know plenty of brands make them these actually help me with strengthening my push-ups and be better at my push-ups I will show you how to use these and I love them parson time to change the web just ends but it is here and you can definitely tell that it's making you work harder than just any ordinary mission which I like the next thing I'm gonna demonstrate is the sit-up I don't have anything or anyone to hold my feet but just knowing the basics of the setup and how they want it is kind of the big picture yourself there demonstrate the set so of course your feet would be had with that you were comfortable with your knees angled and they do want your elbows to come about here so if I were you I would just go ahead and interlock my fingers because I find that to be the easiest way down the only resting position is up so don't rest here because then I will be considered terminating your sit ups which is not working of course might be raising a little bit because I.


How much do CBP officers make?
My son in law is presently an officer with 15 years and he makes approx $140000 a year including occasional overtime. After a couple of years from start you will make a very good living especially if you are flexible to working shift work and occasional overtime. Opportunities come occasionally when you are asked to do a special assignment in other areas which require you to be away from your home base.
Does the CBP officer have the right to confiscate my LPR though I am out of the U.S. for less than a year?
You should retain an immigration law attorney immediately. USCIS may revoke LPR status from a resident who has, in their determination, abandoned their US residence. If they've concluded that you have abandoned your US residence, but you disagree with that conclusion, you will need to challenge that decision. For this, you will want an attorney, as your right to return to and remain in the United States is at stake.
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