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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us ports of entry

Instructions and Help about Us ports of entry

Hi everyone this is Janelle Oh clue again of mojo immigration where we pryou with confidence and clarity with your immigration legal matters so this video is about secondary inspection so first a little bit of background I just got back from getting to tour International Arrivals at the airport and I learned so much and I am looking forward to sharing this information with you so for those of you who are gonna be traveling to the United States first of all check out my video check out my last video on what to expect at the u.s. port of entry now this video is going to go into a little bit more detail about what is called secondary inspection secondary inspection is basically when you are pulled out of the regular line and immigration needs to review your entry just a little bit more more questioning more review before they can let you in that's what secondary inspection is so first thing I learned when I went on my tour of international arrivals is Customs and Border Patrol CBP the CBP official said that you know getting sent to secondary inspection is not a punishment okay so if you are called out of the regular line and you're put to secondary inspection please don't feel as if you're being punished because apparently some good things happen you know a number of good things happen in secondary inspection so first of all people who are coming into the United States on immigrant visas for the first time okay those are people who have gotten their visas to come to the United States as permanent residents you know they get that packet of information from the US Embassy or the consulate abroad it's a lot of information in that envelope and that can't all be processed and done in the regular immigration line so if you're coming in as a first time as to the United States then we'll ask you to go to secondary inspection where it typically takes about 15 minutes to go through all that information in the packet it's actually process you to come in as a permanent resident okay so for people who are actually immigrating secondary inspection is a good thing also some people are processed for u.s. citizenship at SEC secondary inspection but besides that there are a number of times when people will typically you know when you can typically expect to be pulled from the regular line and sent to secondary inspection here here are some examples okay say you are traveling on advanced parole okay you've been residing here in the u.s. either you have a pending application to adjust status or perhaps you have TPS or even for some time people in daca could get advanced parole you have an advance parole document typically if the immigration officer sees that the person is entering using advanced parole they'll send them over to secondary inspection just so some.

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