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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing port of entry california

Instructions and Help about port of entry california

Everybody this is kind of credit garden the cocktail california at the u.s. port of entry between Tecate Baja Mexico California Music report Music nothing let's see everyday Mexican and US plates on the van so here's a sighs hey welcome to Tecate a TV they use out there on the border so this used to be walk across the continent Mexico into the US and from the US and it got to Mexico yeah little small know what that was about so I guess that's maybe the water proposed Most Wanted right there Bob Most Wanted looks like you recognize any of those folks I guess the Border Patrol wants you to call that number it's like that so those cars there are in Mexico it's pedestrian cross right there Music so it looks like this right here is the one way so that is Mexico Applause thanks to the US trucks coming across the border that's where they expect them Music this is the beat here that the inspection center of course there's Mexico that's gonna US Mexico border border crossing so this Border Patrol guy there's nothing up here that would lead me to believe that I'm not allowed to be up here so I of course will not get within I think it's 200 feet of the fence up there he goes if Army Corps of Engineers built that fence does it say much about their skills so you guys know that Tijuana's are looking at valley or decock things kind of into Valley if you ever go to the boyo there's always Hill Sunday that's out of the water so bears are ready up there not that far away from him of course there's another communication tower I know we're there I'm not sure what those are for either guys you hear that hammering it said we're Mexican was building something I think I never will guide you on my way behind me so I'm not quite sure what his intention is so I'm gonna continue to walk back to the road I have not approached the fence there are no signs here they say that I can't be here so again we'll see I'm not quite sure where he's at should be killing this road here towards me I've seen him come off of the road I don't know where he went this see order he's gonna leave me alone Music bothered me they kind of stopped me her reporting Music Music I went up by the border walking up in the top left me alone so it looks like maybe the stuff we've done other places and then the port of entry says.