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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us customs export declaration form

Instructions and Help about Us customs export declaration form

When you send a shipment overseas and the value of the shipment exceeds $2,500 per single commodity or it requires an export license then one of the most important requirements is to file an export declaration in US Customs a system ace stands for automated commercial environment and replace the old automated export system known as AES the system allows you to electronically file your export declaration you can file this online or use a specific software if you do not file an export declaration when required you may receive fines from US Customs at ex-free we will file the export declaration for you and ensure your shipment travels smoothly all you need to do is enter the proper shipment details when booking your shipment on expert comm shipments to US territories do not require an export declaration except for shipments to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands in order to file the export declaration you'll need the name and address of the seller along with the seller's employer identification number or taxpayer ID you'll also need to prthe name and address of the party responsible for receiving the shipment you must also note whether the shipment contains hazardous materials and as usual you'll need a description of the items being shipped their weight quantity customs value whether they require an export license and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule number if you don't know your commodities harmonized tariff schedule number don't worry as X rates online booking system allows you to search for the specific number based on the commodity once you prthis information you're well on your way to shipping overseas remember ex-free is here to help you navigate this process and will file the AES for you and take care of all the details when you book your shipment on X Freight com.

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