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I've been Trump and Al Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued to trade political blow and the government shut down now at the tail end update 28 the battle over the border wall funding heated up in the past few days with Pelosi saying Trump should reschedule his State of the Union address and the president canceling the speaker's upcoming overseas trip on a military plane Democrats they've stalled negotiations with the president until the government reopens while many Democrats in the House and Senate would like to make a deal speaker Pelosi will not let them negotiate well they are uniting behind their leader but Pelosi did advise Democrats to go ahead and have discussions with the White House in the meantime 7 Action News reporter Kim Russell has a look at how Canadian Border Patrol agents are reaching out to their US colleagues who are working without pay ken the Canadian border officers I spoke to say they just were thinking about what it would be like if it were then going without pay and they wanted to do something nice for their American counterparts this is a picture of Kenda Border Services officers making one of several deliveries providing meals for all US border protection shifts at the Ambassador Bridge all my colleagues here we collect it up for the last few days we rounded up just over six hundred dollars so we can get pizzas for all three of their shifts and we're also going to bring them over some coffee and donuts later on as well Jim Orr in front Tim Hortons Canadian Border Patrol officers didn't bring their US counterparts just any pizza they brought giant 32 sliced pies from Antony knows in Windsor I had to try it out pizza is love and pizza is life Antony knows manager James Scott says the business provided a discount to help prnot only pizza but their special cannolis they've been following the government shutdown from Canada and field workers are being treated unfairly I definitely feel bad for them it's definitely not fair to them or for the rest of the country for that to happen the officers I spoke to say they hope the meals send a message it was just a kind gesture to our US colleague just to show them our support Canadian counterparts are thinking of them as we were coming back into the country the American Border Patrol officer who checked us in asked us what we were covering we told him and he said you know what I really appreciated that meal in Detroit Kim Russell 7 Action News.