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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing San ysidro border closed

Instructions and Help about San ysidro border closed

This is the San Ysidro Port of Entry it is the busiest land border crossing in the entire world every single day 50,000 vehicles around 20,000 pedestrians and untold loads of narcotics make their way to the other side and while President Trump said he wants to build a border wall where there isn't one to keep drugs out this is actually the front line that's when your agents that Koreans out here is specialized to look for a suspicious activity once you see something feel then initiate contact with its driver the DEA says most narcotics entering the u.s. are driven in hidden in vehicles through what Mexico's drug cartels call plazas metropolitan areas with legal border crossings like Mexicali Nogales Juarez and this one San Ysidro in between San Diego and Tijuana one thing all these places have in common they're all areas with a border wall so what we're looking at right now is this vehicle was pulled in to secondary screening here at San Ysidro at the port of entry and it got a positive hit from the k-9 from the dog and it appears that in the - is some sort of narcotics that have been hitting in the vehicles they started to pull out these bags of I guess we don't know what they're yeah one two three four five of them so far six seven eight just keeps coming you know what you've got there yes what do you got is that normal look I would say we could get up to another five six lows today and that wouldn't be abnormal for us why if you're a cartel do you want to send drugs like this through a legal port of entry where you could cross with your passport drug smugglers feel there are opportunities to mix in with the general population so translation they think they could sneak it by you right in the shadow of an existing border fence a reality check for the President on one of his signature proposals Jacob Soboroff NBC News San Ysidro California hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.


What do you think of the US government closing down the San Ysidro border crossing near San Diego?
It’s a very black & white response to complex geopolitical & economic problems in Central America, in which the US has had a major influence in much of the 20th Century.Much of the income inequality in Central America stems from American multinationals having a large monopoly over natural resources, at the expense of local small businesses (and thus rise in gangs, corruption, etc.).The US, in theory, should be more involved in fixing some of the damage they’ve caused. You’d see far less people migrating to the US from Central America, if the US was less involved politically in Central America.However, there’s so many domestic problems the US is grappling with, that getting involved in another international affair would anger many of Trump’s base, who feel their needs have not been met.Walls are usually created, when two groups essentially give up in finding ways to resolve their own differences. Unfortunately, I think this will add fire to Trump’s wall.
To what extent is the US border in San Diego closed and for how long? Is it only San Ysidro?
The Border isn’t closed ! Trump warned that if the crowds get unruley not only did he warn the Migrants that Lethal force can and will be used! But if crowds started coming then the Border will be closed until things get back to normal .
What are typical border crossing times from Mexico to the US at San Ysidro in San Diego on weekdays?
It is completely a crap shoot on many days, but you can hedge your bets by going at certain hours to beat the traffic. Between about 4:30 am and 9 am, you have a lot of commuter traffic—Mexicans who work in the US and US expats who live south of the border and work in the States.Between about 9 am and 11 there is a bit of a lull. Then traffic picks up again with casual shoppers heading north, people going to the airport, etc. Also, there are people who head north in the early afternoon to pick up their kids at American schools.Usually, the traffic dies down again and waits get shorter at the end of the day, except for Friday, when the border doesn’t calm down until much later.All bets are off on holidays. On big holidays, the holiday itself is likely to see few people waiting to cross, with more traffic the days before and after the holiday on the day before people have to return to work or school. And traffic throughout much of December is bad, when people head to the US for Christmas shopping. Don’t forget too that Mexico has far more holidays that the US. When kids are out of school or offices are closed, many Mexicans travel to the US to shop, dine, and visit with family there.There are websites and apps now to monitor border wait times. The government ones seem to either underewait times or lag behind the actual waits. The best ones have live cameras, where you can see the traffic (great if you’re relatively close by). Some sites also have graphs showing wait time trends across days and months, which is also helpful.Finally, I would expect wait times to increase with the current US administration’s obsession with the Mexican border. I don’t know what will happen if resources are pulled to build a wall or to at least shore up troublesome areas to the east. And I don’t know that the President’s plan is for the existing border crossings—he seems to have very little idea of how the border actually functions.
Does the extremely slow Mexico to US border in San Ysidro, CA actually help keep Americans safe?
I have been in the San Ysidro Border hundreds times. Even though is it true that prior the 9/11  the SY Border was smoother  I have seen that the reason why the border is really slow is due bad strategy  regarding lines open and careless officers ( not all of them). I have seen many times that hundreds of people are waiting in line while only few  lines are open (I.E. 6 lines open for 800 hundred people waiting) .  Many times only half of the lines are open and you may wait up to 3 1/2 to 4 hours waiting in line. Moreover, some officers are really careless about anyone´s times. Many times while in duty ( checking documents) they are having full conversations with each others( even though they are in different positions ) and even drinking or eating some snacks. Also, officers ask you many times irrelevant questions about your interests. For example,  once an officer ask me about my training routine and tried to have a full conversation about it. Besides this, they are very rude officers. For example, once an officer ask me why I spending all my dollars in Mexico and told me why I should not be doing it. Another officer told me I was wasting "her taxes" by studying in the  U.S. and coming to the Mexico so often.And I can tell you many more stories like that where officers may be really disrespectful especially with Mexican citizens.Solution:-Keep all lines open at all times- Better control of officers´behaviors regarding citizens crossing the border.They already have the resources to speed up the border, at least in my experience in the California Borders.
Why does the Mexican border patrol in San Ysidro seem to handle southbound traffic so well compared to northbound traffic into the US?
It is because they are more worried about what is coming out of Mexico than what is coming into it. More cars (anecdotally) are searched leaving Mexico than entering.The primary concern of Mexican authorities pertaining to things coming into Mexico is weapons and money. The US and Mexico are worried about drugs, illegal weapons, and people coming out of Mexico. It is also more likely for Mexicans to be turned around on the US border, than for Americans to be turned around on the Mexican border.Mexico relies on US tourism much more than the US relies on Mexican tourism. Mexican citizens attempting to enter the US, even with a valid passport, may not be given tourism VISAs at the border.
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