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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing border wait times calexico

Instructions and Help about border wait times calexico

I am live Wow live or a lie well I know I'm still alive right now Music Music welcome to Calexico somebody's on hey there's a few people on well guess where I am well you probably just saw I am in Calexico California what am i doing in Calexico California well some of you may subscribe to bunny boots Inc and he did a livestream recently about a Ninth Circuit appeal case that got kicked back down to the lower courts regarding what I believe is this very same spot right here border park the actual case name just had a brain fart but the Ninth Circuit just heard and made an opinion or gave an opinion and sent it back the case back down the lower court apparently there was a guy that wanted to do an article or story on emissions coming from vehicles and secondary inspection here at the border crossing Calexico so he was here and he was taking some photographs although in the case one of the reasons they got kicked down back down the lower courts is as far as the record of the case goes nobody could say whether or not he was on what property where whatever so from the sound of it of listening to oral arguments I have a sneaking hunch that he was on the other side of this gate right here where he could actually get a better view because in the in the case read the record showed that he wanted to get a better view of secondary over there and only way to do that would be to be on this side of the park gate he was possibly in the roadway who knows or against the fence I really don't know where he was but I know he was here he was here so I'm here in celebration of that case getting kicked back down to a lower court I have decided to drive all the way to Calexico California to do a First Amendment test myself here I am going to be walking around I'm going to be taking photos taking video clips I'm gonna be walking down that sidewalk over here that runs along that wall because when you get down to the end of that wall is the doors to customs and border where people exit when they're walking so we'll go over there and get some pictures and some video clips as well for editing and posting later I just wanted to go live and let everybody know where the junkyard news was right now and I'm here with camera mass destruction and I am currently standing in border park if he googled border Park Calexico you'll see exactly where I'm at and it is about 110 degrees here today even though it's somewhat overcast so again I came down here because of the the case that bunny boots talked about on his channel that was case that he.