When can a cbp officer retire
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When can a cbp officer retire

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I'm Dave glatthorn Sophos er for US Customs and Border Protection it's a big machine we're almost 65,000 employees almost twice as large as the FBI my job is to help facilitate lawful trade and travel to repeal foreign threats from coming into the u.s. we have over a million passengers a day we process right around 300,000 vehicles 17,000 pieces of cargo it's a big big mission every single person is vetted so we know very quickly if there's nefarious actors coming in bound in the United States we have approximately 600 hits a day on nefarious actors trying to enter the United States or transit one of our territories and that's because of our incredible machine at the National targeting center that does that 24 hours a day securing the border within the parameters of our technology capabilities and our personnel capabilities is mitaina balamb what I mean by that is there's technical capabilities within the United States and within the apparatus of the US government within US Customs and Border Protection and other organizations that they can't do that the question becomes with policy makers and legislators and the public is how do they want to do that what does that mean does it mean hiring more personnel and building bigger walls or does it mean creating relationships and infrastructure with other US government organizations that can also aid in that in in in that mission it can be done but it's gonna create the dialogue must occur on what exactly that entails by implication you're saying the border is not completely secure at this moment the border is secure within the legal parameters that we can secure the border today and the border is secure but is there other capabilities within US government organizations that could be brought to bear there's that's an opportunity for a discussion on on what that would look like and then your professional opinion do walls work the walls work it's a good question and in areas where physical barriers are needed they're very very effective in certain areas it may not be feasible because of the terrain but there's many other capabilities the US government has to patrol those areas or to monitor those areas to what extent if terrorists tried to penetrate the the physical borders either northern or southern I can say we have not seen a robust used of either the northern or southern border for terrorists trying to infiltrate through that can you tell me something I probably don't know that you know because of this job sure so one other aspect of US Customs and Border Protection that's very that's not well known is we also test the vulnerabilities to the border so I have undercover agents and officers to go outside of the US and attempt to infiltrate the us through our point of entries in between the ports to test where our vulnerabilities are at it's classified on the information we obtained.


Can you say that you are going to the US to help out your family to a CBP officer while visiting on a B2 visa?
Touchy subject.If your family is running a business and your “help” is to help them run the business, the answer is absolutely no\If your family is having a crisis, as in health related or a loved one dying etc and you are there to prmoral support, yes, you can say that but you need to make sure that you are not coming to help them with the family business etc.
Why do CBP officers ask how much money is being carried when boarding flights to Israel?
Money laundering is one thing. Terrorism is another.Terrorists need money for hotel rooms or rent, food, arms, explosives, car hire and in the case of the 9/11 attackers even flight training.With international money transfers under scrutiny, cash deliveries are the next best thing. So catching “cash mules” is one more way of battling terrorism.And no, it’s not just Israel. In many countries customs officers regard large amounts of money just as interesting as narcotics.
Can a CBP officer detect that I have a pending H1B extension in the process if I am in/out of the border using my tourist visa?
It is your responsibility to uphold the conditions of your visa. If your visa does not allow you to exit the USA whilst another application is being processed then don’t exit the USA! Simple!And yes you are likely to get ‘caught’. No doubt then you will think it is unfair!
What do US CBP officers look for when deciding whether to grant a Canadian entry to the US on a TN visa for a software engineering position?
A genuine employment offer--verified and in writing--would be most important. There is also the possibility of a disagreement between whether the TN visa applicant is qualified according to the rules promulgated by USCIS for the issuance of a TN visa to the applicant, and the perception of qualification by the employer giving rise to its job offer. But CBP is just as likely to defer to the genuineness of the employment offer as proof of the sufficiency of the applicant's job qualifications.
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