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Instructions and Help about cbp officer job description

I love every day around our nation and around the world at every Airport seaport and land order the men and women of US Customs and Border Protection field operations are on the front lines ensuring the physical and economic security of the United States CBP field operations is one of three uniformed branches of US Customs and Border Protection as part of the Department of Homeland Security CBP was established in response to the events of September 11 2021 we witnessed the attack on our nation and responded not out of fear but with resolve and strength and a sense of mission today that mission is to keep our nation secure enforce our laws and safeguard our global economic strength every person and every product coming into the United States is subject to laws enforced by CBP we enforce the laws at every land port of entry whether the traveler walks or rides across the border we enforce the laws at every seaport on vessels large and small whether the ship carries cargo or passengers and we enforce the laws at every Airport that receives international flights whether the aircraft carries people packages mail or commercial cargo we defend our borders from terrorists smugglers and traffickers and other criminals while making sure the legitimate travel and trade are safe legal and secure in fact CBP field operations enforces the laws and regulations of over 40 different agencies laws that cover product safety public health intellectual property rights and fair trade practices with the extraordinary growth of global trade effective enforcement of these laws is vital to our country's security and critical to our nation's economic prosperity and global competitiveness CBP collects tens of billions of dollars in duties at our ports of entry providing a significant source of revenue for our nation's Treasury CBP field operations is a world-class law-enforcement organization with more than 20,000 highly trained law enforcement officers and 2400 agriculture specialists at more than 300 ports of entry in the United States and dozens of locations abroad working alongside them are hundreds of experienced specialists in such diverse disciplines as intelligence import compliance communications technology laboratory and scientific services training and Human Resources CBP's job begins before passengers and cargo even get here our national targeting centers reach out worldwide to the points of origin where people and goods begin their journey to our shores on the passenger side our targeting processes include working with the private sector travel industry and our international partners we use advanced technologies intelligence data biometrics and sophisticated assessment methods to identify high-risk travelers prior to their departure and while enroute to the United States on the vast amount of international trade moving across our border our multiple screening techniques target high-risk shipments for chemical biological radiological conventional weapons and explosives in all modes of transportation we use x-ray imaging radiation detection and others state-of-the-art technologies and the job goes on 24 hours a day every day of the year.