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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing us customs peace bridge

Instructions and Help about us customs peace bridge

Music Music Music yes we can do for you diplomatic car it's the US consulate it's so sore loser all right I already took the picture I might delete buttons broken so what are you gonna do no no because English Spanish nope okay no no stop me till pictures or went okay I mean you can call them all this year yeah they can talk to me maybe they translate for you you know please because this diplomat I understand yes I understand the officers working on three P's bye wait then I okay III don't understand but I'm going up there so if you want to call them telephone oh the policia and tell them to have love's with me it's okay but you know I'm good okay well it's already it's already taken so it can't be undone now okay Music Music why why not it's open to the public I have cameras yes No why not okay I don't understand what the problem is this area is open to the public I understand I understand but it's open to the public sir this is a federal installation it's like if you walk into a courthouse cameras are not allowed there ma'am I hope you're not recording me chief recording for my protection so ma'am you can see all the warnings there please turn off that camera it's a one there it says no photography yes sir is our today sir let me see I don't see anything is this no recording no no no photography just keep you keep your camera on me so that they're not throwing kids hi how you doing I don't think I need permission in the public area I found any per turn the camera off okay for my protection I'm gonna keep the camera I'm gonna allow the camera to continue to run now he tell me what's going on what the problem is you know we figure this out from there there are no signs here that say no photography this area is open to the public DHS has a memo album that was put out in 2021 she's filming for my protection she's filming ma'am turn the camera off I'm asking you now now I'm telling you turn the camera off please turn it up as the law and force also turn the camera off completely off volume and everything okay so DHS put a memo out in 2021 that permits us to photograph federal facilities from the exterior not the interior but from the exterior there's no there are no color wise come in out here please yellow wise coming out here yes let's get somebody within the party I know I said I don't want problems iris chief I have the authority okay and you're saying how about a deal Foley and I and our district here says the party would get commissioned for the public affairs before could you close go come in at.