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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing otay mesa commercial border crossing

Instructions and Help about otay mesa commercial border crossing

This town the Oscar Copwatch this is the other border die it's a smaller border this is the Mexican side over here crossover that's the US Music looks like the lines not that big it's usually way over there I'm just gonna go along the border right here out of traffic at least two hours or so hey buddy can I step right here mask infect step right here mags I don't want to step right here and then get thrown down they said I could step right here so you know as long as I guess I don't go over that way morning see it's not as many lanes as in San Ysidro so I can see it gets up to 13 lanes this is normal traffic over here you gotta have ready lanes century in order to cross over here like I said earlier it's a smaller border I don't know if that's why the migrants didn't come over on this way but you know it's got Bob wire over here Bob wire up on top over there too this is the end guys I'm sure everybody already knows this wasn't here before you know the migrants the caravans to start to come over they got two lanes closed 13 and 12 but this is it guys it's a smaller border a lot of traffic and everybody on this side over here is coming in from the US coming in to a tie I know the other got a canine I'm worth working the dogs on the clock I'd like to see if we get something on this video hopefully get a car loaded with drugs thank you sir see if we can get lucky and I get the dog that sniffed something following the guy who's got the dog he's over here but no luck Music Music Applause Music Applause Music you guys have a great day have a great day but they justify their guys shoot a little walk over towards this way Music it is the in the line what the people wanna tell that buckle said no Savi what do you tell me not to say gracias you can take about 40 minutes to cross walking care buddy right here bye.