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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tijuana border crossing time

Instructions and Help about Tijuana border crossing time

Okay everybody thank you for clicking hopefully on the old video to see the new video this is updated as of May 5th 2022 getting to the ready lane the Tijuana border there's a couple new things I wanted to show you but let's just get started what you're gonna do is you're gonna open up your Google Maps app wherever you are and of course start with typing in San Ysidro kiss you to the border area let's just pull in right here and I'm going to show you something really quick that I showed in the other video which is the actual border crossing itself so basically what we've got here is the sentry lanes are over here the ready lanes are these four lanes right here that feed in from the right a little bit and these lanes over here were you're inevitably going to get dumped no matter what roads you take and they seem to always end up here the weight can be one to three to four hours depending on the traffic for the day the longest I've ever seen for me personally at the ready Lane is about 45 minutes and those are on the worst days on a typical day you're not gonna be there for longer than 2022 minutes and on a good day it can be as close short as five minutes just pull right into here so let me show you what you're gonna do and it's interesting because I know this works on an iPhone in Mexico I don't know if it works on other phones but you're gonna basically open up even if you don't have a Mexico plan you're gonna open up your Google Maps on your iPhone you're gonna turn on cellular data cellular roaming everything you would never never do just for about 15 or 20 seconds and in your Google Maps app you're gonna type the following okay pharmacia llamas bharata su c-23 and there's several of them so the 23 is gonna identify which one that you want to find just hit enter and it's gonna find the pharmacy at 23 for you right here it should be right next to a roundabout you so if you're coming from Rosarito or Ensenada it's probably gonna dump you on this street right here that comes over the aqueduct this bridge so let's go down into there and I'll show you what you need to do it's actually a very very simple process what you're gonna basically be doing here is coming up to the roundabout doing a full circle and instead of getting back on the bridge you're gonna take this side road right here so let's just do that really quick pull into the roundabout stay in the left lane continue all the way around and come all the way back okay and instead of getting up on the bridge as I just showed you whoops you're gonna take this side.


Why is building a wall between the US and Mexico, like Trump proposes, a bad idea? Ignoring ethics, would such a wall reduce illegal border crossings?
This wall idea is a prime example of Trump's worst MO: he constantly makes bold assertions of what he will do about this issue or that, but he is notoriously vague on specifics. For starters, he says he's going to make Mexico pay for the wall. Yet, when he's been pressed as to how he'll accomplish this, he famously skirts the question, answering only that he'll do it, just wait and see, he makes deals like no one else can. That's his answer for everything. He fired blistering criticism at Pres. Obama for how he's handled some recent terrorist acts, identifying the problem as Obama being weak and unintimidating in front of the world. Yet, when asked what would he do under such circumstances, he replied "You don't want to know what I'd do!" Um, yes, Mr. Trump, I do want to know. Do tell us how you'll handle (and prevent, as you claim) global terrorism.He says he'll be the best for women, but when asked why, how he'll be the best, his only answer has been to mention his wife and daughter. They will see to it that he's great on woman's issues, but again, he doesn't say how. Then he says he "cherishes women". Um, Donald, lusting after women is not the same as cherishing women, understanding their needs or respecting their value in society.Donald Trump. Good ol' Mr. Big Talk. Fast and loose with the outrageous claims, but convenientically lacking in giving specifics.And about your question specifically, Trump’s premise about how immigrants without legal status get into the U.S. is totally off-base. Illegal border-crossers make up only a small fraction of immigrants living in the U.S. Illegally. The vast majority come to the U.S. with a proper visa, as a tourist, to study or possibly to work short-term. The problem occurs when the visas expire and the legal visitors remain illegally, slipping under the radar. The border is already well-protected and illegal crossings have been reduced dramatically. The wall idea is absurd and would accomplish little if it was built. Trump probably knows this, too, but is feeding less-knowledgeable Americans• fears and misconceptions.
How do people from Tijuana cross the border illegally to the US?
They do not cross from Tijuana usually. It is too crowded and San Ysidro on the San Diego side is very highly populated with too many cops running around. They prefer east of Otay Mesa border entry, where there is large swaths of land, which is basically desert and it stretches till Arizona.
I used to be able to cross the Tijuana border fairly quickly on foot, now its two hours minimum. Are the terrible wait times hurting Tijuana tourism?
Yes and no.I’m going to assume you live in Southern California.I will also assume that you have used Interstate 5, either going North or South, it doesn’t matter. What happens when you use this freeway at 5 pm on a Friday?Yes, you probably going to get stuck in traffic.But what if you use it at 11 pm on a Wednesday? A whole different story, right?A similar thing happens with the border.Weekends and early mornings, you will find long lines of people, specially crossing from Tijuana to San Diego.On the other hand, weekdays at night or before 3 pm, and extremely early during the weekends, you will probably do about 5–10 minutes.Now, about tourism.For what I have seen and heard, it seems that Tourism in on the rise in the City. So my short answer is no, this doesn’t affect tourism.According to Vive un México diferente, Descubre Baja California, there is a 7.25% higher Hotel Ocupation in the City, that has been growing for the past 8 years.Vive un México diferente, Descubre Baja CaliforniaWould more people come if lines were always short? Probably yes. I know I would do it more often if this was the case.People who NEED to cross, would they just stop doing it because of the long lines? No, after September 11, you would make 5 hours of line to cross, and people still do it.
How long is the border line to cross from Tijuana to USA?
Depends on what time of day you on what day of the week and if you are going by foot or by car. I am listing info only for pedestrians. Go late at night monday through thursday or early in the morning on the weekend and the line will be a few minutes with no more than a few dozen ahead of you taking maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Go when people are headed to work or school during the week or when the shoppers and party goers are trying to come home it might take you two hours. On the plus side if the line is long there will be an unscrupulous bus company guide who, for $10 will let you skip to near the front.The longest it ever took me was Sunday afternoon after black friday and that was 3 hours, they seemed to be very busy and have fewer staff than normal. Most times of the day you can walk through in 30–45 minutes. Of course if you spend the money for a sentry pass, you can skip the line altogether and just walk to the front and take priority.
How long does it take to cross the border in Tijuana on foot?
Not as time consuming as it used to be.It’s about from 2 to 45 minutes now. Depending on foot traffic and the border patrol willingness to accelerate this process.
How long does it take to cross the border into Tijuana on Sunday?
Could take hours driving…. Could take minutes walking, you never know…If you aren’t a convicted felon, or have been convicted and plan on crossing often, I would look into Sentri/Global Entry program.The most I have last crossing on the Senri lane was 30 minutes, usuall 3–5 minutes,,, plus you usually get pre-tsa screen for international flying travel. I did on Sentri.Right now I am in the process of renewal, hopefully, I don’t even need to go for the interview….Global entry is now essentially the same, you can register a car and it’s $25 cheaper…. Both last for 5 years,,,, Same for walking across, you don’t wait in the regular line, walk straight to the front and flip the rest off….
What is the caravan waiting for in Tijuana and how do they think they are going to cross the border?
Of course they are waiting for an US response even if they haven’t had the chance to file their petition in a formal manner. If not admited properly they are going to their plan “b” which is crossing the border ilegally and they are going to try it this way because somebody back home convinced them that it was fairly easy to do so. And it is not and that is why “coyotes” charge around 5000 dlls to even 10000dlls. And there is no guarantee that you are gonna make it. Some just take the money and leave you to starve and dice in the desert.
How many minutes does it take to cross Tijuana's border gate from Mexico to the USA at 6:00 on a Saturday?
Really hard thing to know, there are three different of lanes:Sentri Lane: (you pay an additional fee is valid for about 5 years) this lines are usually the fastest, can be accessed by car or by foot, in San Ysidro and Otay Mesa Port of entry, (and some others Mexico-USA Borders)It would take you like 5 minutes or less, to cross by Sentri at 6:00 amIf it’s at 6:00 pm it would be harder to know, but usually cam be from 5 minutes to 40 minutes, if it’s long waiting.Ready Lane: You need to have a USA Passport, Visa (Border Crossing card) or Resident Card that have the Ready Lane Logo on it, all the new Passports and Visas are Ready Lane accessible. This are most commonly owned or used by people, and can as well be used by car or by foot (San Ysidro and Otay Mesa), most of the lanes in the border crossing are Ready Lane.If it’s 6:00 am Saturday, most likely can take you from 10 minutes to something close to 1 hour.if it’s 6:00 pm Saturday, it would most likely be something closer 1 hour, but it can get crazy, and reach to 2 or 3 hours. is really hard to know.Normal: All the other people that not own the previous mentioned documents. It can be accessed by car or foot, in San Ysidro and Otay Mesa. This lane usually has less lanes open that the Ready Lane, but more than the Sentri Lane. Its harder to know because some time people try to cross with their ID, or birth certificate, which take longer for the CBP officers to verify, most of the people that cross on daily basis use Ready Lane or Sentri. So while the lines on Sentri and Ready Lane can be really long at times, and the Normal can be really short, but really really slow.6:00 am Saturday, from 20 minutes to One and half hours.6:00 pm Saturday, go to the restroom before doing the line, get some water or coffee, some snacks, ( you can also buy something while on the line), a book or magazine, say some prayers. Only good know how much you are going to be there. Can be minutes, can be hours.
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