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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ports of entry for immigrants

Instructions and Help about ports of entry for immigrants

Music when entering Canada at a port of entry it is extremely important for you to abide by all of the immigration laws for a successful entry into Canada when entering Canada as an admissibility this can cause a significant problem for the individual that is attempting to enter Canada consequently they can actually be denied entry at the border in order to overcome their event disability an individual can apply for a temporary resident permit in order to gain entry into Canada a temporary resident permit essentially allows the individual to enter Canada temporarily even though they do have an invisibility issues in this video I will explain what is needed to apply for a temporary resident permit at a port of entry and what the air requirements are in order to gain successful entry into Canada as long as you've had a criminal history in Canada or the US or it has been deemed inadmissible for other reasons you are eligible for a temporary resident permit in Canada interestingly enough Canada and us actually share a database with regards to any criminal history for any individuals from the country whether that be visitors permanent residents or citizens of the country and then miscibility is usually designated for individuals who commit major offenses such as misdemeanors or felonies on the other hand can also be deemed inadmissible due to other reasons for instance should you have a significant medical condition you can be deemed medically inadmissible the reasons for medical and admissibility is usually due to the person potentially meeting Canadian social services such as healthcare another circumstance that shion's would be seen as an invincibility is financial difficulties for instance if you are unable to prove or prenough evidence to show that you have sufficient funds to support your stay while in Canada you can be deemed inadmissible lastly another circumstance that can cause and immiscibility is due to illegal employment for instance should you have any equipment with you or if you've had any communication with a Canadian employer prior to you entering Canada the immigration officer can deny your entry into Canada when I applied for a temporary residence permit it is suggested that you apply through to the Canadian consul before applying to report of entry this will prove to the immigration officer that you are taking the process seriously and that you would like to overcome your inadmissibility of course if you are pressed for time and you cannot apply the consulate then you can definitely apply at the port of entry a port of entry is a any Canadian border or any Canadian Airport for a criminal and admissibility you may only apply for a TRP which is a temporary resident permit to enter or to stay in Canada only if it has been less than five years since the end of your sentence or you have valid reasons to stay in Canada another very important factor when applying for a.