Video instructions and help with filling out and completing cbp officer academy

Instructions and Help about cbp officer academy

Hey how's it going everybody I just want to make this video quick little video about my employment process so far with homeland security for a Customs and Border Protection Officer I applied for the position December 12th 2018 so about three weeks ago or so three half weeks ago and it's been a pretty pretty good process so far I've seen videos on YouTube of you know it taken two years six months for people to finally join and get off to the Academy what not everything's going pretty fast for me which is great but I'm also you know filling everything out as soon as they send it to me schedule and stuff as soon as they send it to me and all that anyway so everything I've done so far like I said I applied for the position on June or December 11th or December 12th one and two about two days after I applied they sent me the is a sybian email st. graduations you've been selected to move forward with the process for Customs and Border Protection so that was pretty cool after they sent me that email the same day they sent me an email for a scheduled interview on January 8th assault videos we're guys some of you guys got your scheduled interview like after your PFT won and medical exam and stuff like that so I guess it's just different they you know I guess they do it however they want but anyways that's I mean that's not until January 8th anyways but so they sent me the email for the scheduled interview after I accepted the job offer and and after that they sent me an email to schedule my structure or my my interest in Sam so I scheduled my interest is Sam and I took that I think December 18th so six days or so after I applied you have to score this 270 to qualify for the job with custom supported protection I scored I think my results were an 89 or an 88 something like that so scored really good it was really easy test pretty much basic math and and English stuff you learned in middle school high school I think they allow everybody a calculator scratch paper at least the test center while I was that a la vez a calculator and scratch paper for math problem stuff like that so yeah like I said that was super easy I mean in high school you know encouraged to do with a 3.2 GPA so ASA B's I think I made a few C's I mean I wasn't the smartest person in high school grade wise and it was super easy for me so after I took Finch Sam they got my results and everything then they sent me an email for the background investigation it's through a thing called equip it's a bunch of information you have to put in it's a federal you


How much do CBP officers make?
My son in law is presently an officer with 15 years and he makes approx $140000 a year including occasional overtime. After a couple of years from start you will make a very good living especially if you are flexible to working shift work and occasional overtime. Opportunities come occasionally when you are asked to do a special assignment in other areas which require you to be away from your home base.
Does the CBP officer have the right to confiscate my LPR though I am out of the U.S. for less than a year?
You should retain an immigration law attorney immediately. USCIS may revoke LPR status from a resident who has, in their determination, abandoned their US residence. If they've concluded that you have abandoned your US residence, but you disagree with that conclusion, you will need to challenge that decision. For this, you will want an attorney, as your right to return to and remain in the United States is at stake.
Can you say that you are going to the US to help out your family to a CBP officer while visiting on a B2 visa?
Touchy subject.If your family is running a business and your “help” is to help them run the business, the answer is absolutely no\If your family is having a crisis, as in health related or a loved one dying etc and you are there to provide moral support, yes, you can say that but you need to make sure that you are not coming to help them with the family business etc.