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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing us port of entry airports list

Instructions and Help about us port of entry airports list

Okay hello guys so I'm here now safe and sound here at Chicago my port of entry and I already get my luggage so now I need to ah check in my luggage again but we're okay um I arrived early as 40 minutes the usual time that I should arrive here because my schedule supposedly I will arrive here 3:35 p.m. but we arrive roughly to Oh 45 I think so that's good that's a good sign because I have more time to um look around just look around okay a recording okay first when I landed at the Chicago first there you need to fill out the form click fist this one today the customs declaration okay so when I'm in Japan they already gave me this form that's why I'm that time you keep that they gave it to me I already fill it out so when I'm came here when I arrived here I don't need to fill it out again same already done and then good so when I arrived here I just asked where is the immigration for k1 visa actually the first time were not us to this end we saw and others creation is the side of the US citizen immigration so it was easy for me to look where is it so at the immigration I gave my passport the pass for the customs declaration and my yellow pocket and then the immigration officer asked me to put out the yellow packet inside the plastic but I did not open it once I received my visa pocket I just get my passport and that's it I did not open them higher bastok yep so he asked me to be get out to pull out the yellow pocket and then after that you check all the pictures that's included on the yellow bucket and then he returned it back to me so I have all those pictures and I will show it to you this one everything here the see if old vanilla forums v chores so this long or our pictures yeah he returneth back to me and then after that to check my pocket and then first question that we ask me what is my visa and I told him I'm a k1 visa and then he asked me word did I need my pencil so I told him I met him through your online game plushies friends and then he smiled and asked him yeah he knows that game and he said yes who knows it then he told me so that is the one you told the console how you met you can say and then I said yes the forest but the console we interviewed me don't know about the km that's why I explained it very well yes after that he asked for my age what is my age and what is the address of my pencil and then he scanned my four right finger.