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Cbp entry ports Form: What You Should Know

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cbp entry ports

Instructions and Help about Cbp entry ports

Alaska the great land the last American frontier this pristine yet harsh environment tests the limits of man and beast it is the largest of the United States at almost six hundred thousand square miles it is more than twice the size of Texas Alaska borders Canada's British Columbia province and Yukon Territory that border is more than 1500 miles long reaching from the Gulf of Alaska in the south to the Beaufort Sea in the north at the eastern edge of Alaska is one of the most remote ports of entry in the United States where US Customs and Border Protection officers secure the border with Canada the Alcan port of entry in this edition of inside CBP you will see some of the challenges and conditions these officers face every day while working at this unique and isolated port of entry traveling Overland into Alaska thus into the United States must be done through Canada the northernmost year-round operational port of entry is alkanes named for the Alaska Canada highway on which it is located as of the 2023 census alkanes total population is 33 the nearest major city is Fairbanks Alaska almost 300 miles away the port facility and living compound is located just inside a 20-foot swath of land cleared of trees and brush which separates the United States and Canada this border cut as CBP officers refer to it stretches for 710 miles along the hundred 41st Meridian CBP officers work around the clock securing the border while examining persons products and vehicles that enter the United States at this poor Alcan is very remote the people here are very hard-working they're very intelligent they're very knowledgeable they put their lives on the line every day to protect the country and to protect the people...