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How much cash can one take to the US on a student visa?
There is no limit on the amount of money that can be taken out of or brought into the United States. However, if a person or persons traveling together and filing a joint declaration (CBP Form 6059-B) have $10,000 or more in currency or negotiable monetary instruments, they must fill out a "Report of International Transportation of Currency and Monetary Instruments" FinCEN 105 (former CF 4790).Please be aware, if persons/family members traveling together have $10,000 or more, they cannot divide the currency between each other to avoid declaring the currency.For example, if one person is carrying $5,000 and the other has $6,000, they have a total of $11, 000 in their possession and must report it on a FinCEN 105. If a person or family fails to declare their monetary instruments in amounts of over $10,000, their monetary instrument(s) may be subject to forfeiture and could result in civil and or criminal penalties.The FinCEN 105 can be obtained prior to traveling or when going through CBP. If assistance is required, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer can help with filling out the form.Source: Currency and Monetary Instruments - Amount that can be brought into or leave the U.S.
What tips would you give someone who is going to the US for the first time?
It depends on where you are coming from.Let's say you are coming from Asia or more specifically from India.Here is what you need to know:Don't assume anything like we do back home in our country. I used to do that a lot and had to pay for it later here.Be on time wherever you have an appointment. Be it at Doctor’s, Dentist, or any other place.There is a concept of space in the west including America. Don't keep hugging, touching, crossing by close from people and touching others while crossing them.Don't break the queue. It is deemed disrespectful and unlike in many other countries including India, you will be called out by any individual there standing in the queue. Everybody is same in America and it feels that way too.If you are a first time student then your task is cut out. You need to care for a lot of things. It's completely different from India. Lectures happen on time. Submissions of assignments can't go beyond a prescribed date or hour of the day. No personal favors from the Professors because of your gender, caste, color, religion, personality etc.If you are visiting for the first time, make sure that you don't throw garbage wherever you like. Somebody will definitely check you in public and somebody can also report that to the police. Littering fines are really high in some places.No free perks in this country. You earn and you eat. Simple as that. Unlike in India where if you are a top government official or a politician, you don't have to carry your wallet with you anywhere because you seldom have to pay for anything.When you pass by anybody, most people will smile and say ‘Hi• or ‘How are you?’. Don't be surprised. This is how everybody greets each other here. What a great thing to do.People will open the door for you or keep it open even if they are ahead of you. That's just how people like to help each other. It is not seen in many countries at least not in India.You go over the limit while driving, chances are that you will be caught and fined. Stay in the speed limit or just a few miles above it is also acceptable. Drink and drive has huge fines, never try that. Don't overtake too many times, the police is trained to catch such people.If you get into an accident on the road, don't keep beating the hell out of that person whether it's their fault or yours. In India, it is very common that whether it is your fault or not, you have the moral right to beat the crap out of the other person. Just like that. Here in US, you will not just be put in Jail, you could lose a teeth or two as most people are not that submissive.Keep walking on the road while crossing. Here in US, pedestrian has the right of way before anybody to cross the road. Don't try that on a freeway. No right of way there for pedestrians.Thanks for the A2A!
How long can one stay in the US on a B-1 visa if at the point of entry the immigration officer did not indicate the duration of stay on the passport?
I assume the date you are looking for should be on a form called i94. It used to be a white slip in your passport which you keep until in US and would be taken back by CBP officer when you depart from US.Form I-94 - WikipediaFew years ago that is changed to online records and any non immigrant visa holder can find theirs• here.I94 - Official WebsiteClick on get most recent i94 and fill out your details and you should get one. Hope this helps.
Is it necessary to declare the total amount of cash one is carrying when entering a country and do they check?
When an immigration or customs officer asks you how much cash you are carrying, generally you must answer.One exception is a USA citizen who has filled out a USCBP customs form and signed it, and is entering the USA at a point of entry, such as a land or sea port, or an airport inside the boundaries of the USA. This the customs form asks if the traveler is carrying more than $10,000 USD in total cash and cash equivalent (including foreign currency, checks, money orders, bank drafts, etc.). The citizen can be mute in response to all verbal questions since he has made his required written declaration. An under trained CBP officer might arrest the citizen, but he has no grounds to arrest based on an exercise of the 5th amendment.The CBP officer is free to search the citizen and his belongings if the officer really wants to know how much cash he has.A CBP officer can also demand to know how much cash a USA citizen has as the citizen is departing the USA. This usually happens in a jetway while boarding a flight leaving the USA. The citizen can be mute, but the CBP can detain the citizen while the flight departs without the citizen.It is required to declare the import and export of more than $10,000 USD into and out of the USA, and into and out of most countries of the world. Some countries have stricter rules.Note that at a pre-clearance USCBP check point in foreign country, a citizen’s 5th amendment rights don’t apply, and the CBP officer can keep a citizen from entering the USA via that pre-clearance check point, for at least as long as the citizen has not overstayed in the country that hosts the check point. At that point, the host country will likely deport the USA citizen, and CBP’s flexibility to bar a mute citizen is reduced.
How do I find a job or employment sponsorship in the USA while on a B1/B2 visa?
Let’s set aside the question of whether you misrepresented yourself and your plans when you applied for the visa, or when you entered the country and were examined at the airport.There are a few ways to explain how hard this is.One is - turn it around. I’ve visited, but never resided in, your country. How could I get a good job in your country? Knowing almost nothing about companies and jobs in your country, how do you suggest I try, and what do you think my chances are? Why would any company in your country hire me, with my imperfect command of your language and my non-typical education?Here’s another perspective - the vast majority of jobs in the USA are not of a type that anyone can place a foreign worker. Our law defines and describes some types of job as possibly available to a person from overseas. Imagine I sell autos at an auto dealership. My boss, the owner of the car dealership, cannot under any circumstances replace me with a foreign worker. There’s no place in our immigration law for foreign car salespersons. So only a tiny fraction of the jobs in the USA are even theoretically within your reach. Of those few jobs, most employers can’t be bothered to fill out all the forms to hire you. The forms, rules, and fees are daunting - why bother if there are 20 Americans standing next to you who are just as qualified as you for the vacancy?Friendly advice: do NOT overstay “your visa”. By which I don’t mean your visa, which may be valid for years, but the specific period of authorized stay that the CBP Officer granted you when you entered. It should have been stamped onto your Form I-94.
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